Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Shores!

Hello my readers! 

I have now moved my blog to a new home within Wordpress, under a different name! 

You are all welcome to stop by, and here is the url:

Please do read. All comments and suggestions are welcome!

See you there, stay in touch.


To New Shores!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weather Lessons

London is known for it's moody weather! I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said London changes its mood faster than a woman does. Since I have been here, I have tried not to get surprised by a sunny Saturday followed by a sodden Sunday; a windy Wednesday and thundering Thursday. It's a part of every Londoner's life! 

However, small glimpses like these, of the moon, of blue skies, or of the sunshine on streets and greener lawns make you appreciate the good side of nature even more! 

Every sunny day is like a festival here, cheerful and chirpy! And it reminds me that it doesn't take a lot to be happy! I couldn't be more grateful about the little things in life that actually make it more meaningful! 

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Shillong Wedding!

Those small little things
Oh! What joy they really bring!

Going to places hip & happening,
And taking the autographs on a sling.

Reminiscing stories of the boys' wings,
Ah! All those funny Whatsapp pings.

That poorest of jokes which out of nowhere springs,
That makes you laugh until tummy actually stings.

Oh oh! And when you nudge the bride to demand a diamond ring,
And the groom innocently puts on a act of poor hearing!

And of course, when two best friends decide to go bling,
They add to the party that extra zing.

Not to forget those long car drives where all loudly sing,
As phones lose network and don't go tring-tring!

Oh! What joy it really brings,
To remember all those small little things!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Berlin Rain

Of my first impressions on Berlin... 

   The neon lights shined on
   lighting up the streets of Berlin,
   The cold breeze hit my face, but the raindrops
   felt like gentle pecks on my skin

   Walking on that rusted & wired bridge
   towards the old station to catch a train
   I turned to my friend and spoke to him
   of my thoughts on the Berlin rain

   Oh Berlin rain!

   Why did you feel like my own
   and yet were not mine,
   Why did you drench me and run away
   only so I'd find solace in a bottle of wine?

   So I did drink with gusto that night
   laughing and losing behind your pain
   Yet you trickled down through my hair
   reminding me of your whispers again

   I stood by the window, still with my glass
   Dim outide, your droplets were on the sill;
   I had taken shelter at last, but I missed you
   and I wished for another heart for you to fill.

Monday, May 07, 2012

That One Thing

Julie Powell in her famous blog "The Julie/Julia Project" (which was later made into a movie by the name Julie & Julia) quotes, "If a large meteor was heading towards earth and I had 30 days to live, I'd spend it eating butter!".

There is something about butter which makes it so irresistible. If you think carefully, every delicious and extra-yumm dish doled out of any kitchen must have a lot of butter in it (as Julie puts it!). I love butter; to be honest I come from a family of butter-lovers. My grandpa used to have clotted cream (malai in Hindi) with sugar like a snack almost everyday, and my mum is often found eyeing the tiniest iota of cream left on the sides of a milk bowl even now! To top it all, I think the fun in eating cream is a million times more when no one's watching you eat or lick it. Reminds me of Lord Krishna as I write this, and perhaps His stories are not all a figment of our imagination! 

But I digress. 

For this post, I thought I'd pick that one ingredient/object which helps add an extra zing to any chosen aspect of my life. Like butter for food. Chocolates for my mood. An orange chinos for my wardrobe. Claire's Daisy clips for my accessories. And in general, laughter of my loved ones on any given day!

What is that one thing that adds a zing to your daily routine, in any aspect of your life? Do share, I'd love to know!