Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The light beckoned her
It had always beckoned her

Today she walked into it
She walked a path laden with leaves
Dark black leaves,
And some broken twigs
Cold-withered or maybe just old
So they said, she thought

But she knew not what was thought
She knew not what was cold
She knew not what was old;
She simply walked
With her hands folded
And crossed around her

She walked towards the light
She walked with dusty feet
Crushing the leaves
Breaking he twigs
One by one
Or too many at once

She heard the voice again
The noise again
It was piercing into her mind
Like oars dipping deep into the waters
She ignored it wilfully, and walked on
On the path towards her light

And now, it was all around her
The light of darkness
The light of blackness
She swallowed it with grace
The light swallowed her
And left no trace


sampanna said...

what a beautiful thought....lovely...the simplicity of words and the maturity of feelings...this is one of your best compositions...

love you

inku said...

good one :)